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Hello From the Sheldon Family

This is a recent picture of our family including our grandbabies.

1210 Designs 

Our business name refers to our family. 

We started as 1 then marriage made us 2. In a time the 2 became a family of 10.  We have used that number for many years to sign off on cards and notes from the family.  Later as we "adopted" more

children and were blessed with grandchildren we just never changed the number.  I guess right now we would really be 1221 Designs!  EVERY

family member plays a role in the family

business...not all are paid. ;)

It's almost impossible to get everyone together for a family our size!  Here are most the kids and grandkids.

Matthew, Joshua, Luke, Thomas

Levi, Elizabeth, Robert, Joseph, Caitlin

Michael, Merek, Kennedy, Clair, Ember


George and Dianne in a field of bluebonnets.  Other pictures are of our children and grandchildren
Jacob, Kendrick, Gayla and Bam.

The missing four!  

Kayla, Kambrie, Kendrick, Jacob

And the originals!

Dianne (Momo) and George (Papi)

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