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No matter what ‘home’ means to you, there is surely something nostalgic about the place we call home. It’s the place where we eat, the place with friends and family, and it’s the place we make our own.

The Kitchen

The kitchen has long been considered the center of activity in the home; family meetings, holiday dinners, get-togethers of all kinds happen within its walls. We joke that all parties start and end up in the kitchen. Some find peace and relaxation in the kitchen, while others are still finding their footing. Whether the kitchen is your happy place or just a spot to unbox takeout, there is always love in the kitchen.

Stove Top Cover

These stove top covers are extremely versatile!  The food grade epoxy is heat resistant allowing you to put hot pots right on top of them straight from the stove or oven. This can save your countertops.  They make perfect "breakfast in bed" serving I have been told!  They are

great for putting off cleaning the stove and still having it look great! I use mine to give me extra space in the kitchen as I prep item on top of them while they are still  on the stove then move them when ready to cook.

We have been told they make great pastry and noodle boards.

As with all the items we sell, we want to make something that is perfect for the receiver.  Pictures are to give you ideas. We will design items with you and make your piece personalized and customized for you.  Our standard stove cover size ia 22 x 32 inches but they can be made larger or smaller according to your needs.  There is minimal additional cost only when the board has to be more than 6 inches larger in any direction.  We sell these for $175 including any finish and design work. 

Cutting Boards

No kitchen is complete without a quality cutting board. It is an essential tool that is heavily used by families on a daily basis. Even the first chopping board was made of wood. This dates to the industrial ages when butchers used a round log as a base for chopping meat. This log evolved through the ages into the modern chopping board.

If you take cooking seriously, then you need a wooden cutting board that is sturdy, safe for food preparation, and reliable. 

If you don’t cook, you need a wooden cutting board that is aesthetically pleasing that adds natural warmth and beauty to your kitchen to distract guests while you impact the to-go boxes!

Ultimately, don’t think of wood cutting boards as tools to be stored until used. Display them along with the rest of your kitchen’s best accessories!

Acacia Wood
Thick Walnut Wood
Acacia Wood
Thick Walnut Board
Unknown Wood

We cut our own boards out of a varaity of wood and can cut them in any size. thickness or shape.  We also have sources for precut cutting boards in common sizes and shapes. Price is dependent on wood species, size and thickness.  All our boards are sealed with food grade oil and then rubbed with homemade board butter so we know it is safe to use.  We never charge extra to personalize or customize. Prices start at $35. 

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